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Me being goofy in Santa De Luz near Tavira, Portugal

Me being goofy in Santa De Luz near Tavira, Portugal

I’ve been struggling with Instagram for a while now. It’s an amazing tool, especially for brands like mine to connect with others who may be interested in what I am doing. But as the person behind the brand, I want to be present in my life and not document the moments that could define Cor. I’ve been getting by for a while now posting pictures to Cor’s Instagram from holiday shots, look book shoots and friends wearing it about town. But this is not an accurate expression of Cor’s message and I feel like I want to be truthful and represent a reality on a platform that can seem fake…

This week it dawned on me that my Instagram account has become a place where I don’t feel inspired, engaged or empowered. I’ve been so confused, following brands that have loads of followers, trying to learn from them and how they’ve built their brands. But as a follower, it’s just more of the same perfect people presenting themselves perfectly. I’m not saying this is wrong. Maybe this is the perfect way of reaching their particular audience but that’s not something I want to engage in.

I want to show what Cor is really about; a more complex message that isn’t just pretty pictures and the instagram life. I am trying to look at this now in a different way, a way that I could enjoy and that you could enjoy. An opportunity to be creative in showing what Cor really is and the process behind creating and making the clothes as well as a slower way of living to which I aspire to.

I’ve been thinking about the people I make clothes for and what would inspire them.  As I look more closely, what resonates with my customers are things that I too am passionate about and live out in my daily life. I’m sure it’s not going to be a miraculous change but gradually I will be posting more about real topics and endeavors that inspire me as well as the creative process and journey behind Cor.

This is the first post in my Cor Journal where I am going to be getting more personal, I’m excited to share more. Let’s see how it goes!